Stim Bullitt

  Here are some recent pictures of Stim Bullitt, his family and friends. Each photograph evokes rich memories of a treasured friend, driven to perfection in every aspect of his life. From his seminal "To Be a Politician" to his pioneering impact on Seattle and its development, from his successes on vertical rock and high altitude snow to his impact on those who know him, Stim lives a life worthy of his dreams.  


  In 1981, Stim, Shelby Scates, and Bill Sumner climbed Denali in Alaska, the highest summit in North America at 20,320 feet (6,194 m). In 1978, Stim, Bill, and Jim Wickwire turned around just short of the summit. Stim and Jim returned in 1980 but were again thwarted by weather. In 1981, after two weeks trapped by storm at 14,000 feet, the patience of older age saw us through.   go

Vantage Rock

   In April 2007, Stim climbed at the Feathers near Vantage, Washington. Joining him were Tina, Fred Dunham, Tom Hornbein, Fred Stanley, and Bill Sumner. Our youngest, Fred Stanley, led half a dozen classic routes for the rest of us to enjoy. Our average age was 71+.   go

Intellectual Meandering

  For every hour spent climbing, probably 10 have been spent in deep discussions, from the music of Shastakovich to Communism and Joseph McCarthy, from George Bush to Barack Obama, from examinations of ancient philosophies to our dreams for the future. Here are a few images from our favorite Elliott Bay Cafe to the even better Bullitt home.   go

Harbor Steps

  Stim and Tina lived in the center apartment on the top floor of this tower. From their windows and balconies they had a commanding view of the Harbor Steps, Elliott Bay and the Olympic Mountains. Stim gave Seattle this majestic gateway linking downtown with its waterfront, a testament to his vision for the city he loves.   go

Kittitas Institute

   Stim and Tina often visit our Institute in Kittitas, enjoying primitive living in the sagebrush with coyotes. These photographs from last summer delightfully capture Tina's artistic talent, drawing her man.   go

Home Again

  Stim has returned home with Tina. Years ago Stim found the land and an architect that could build a house on the steep hillside on a pad supported by cables from high above. With a view to the west similar to Harbor Steps and his childhood home, Stim is back with eagles, barking seals, tides, and the setting sun.   go

    Posted April 5, 2009 by Bill Sumner