The Collapsing Universe

Understanding "Dark Energy" and "Dark Matter"
with physics from the 1920's

William Sumner

Friday, February 8, 2013
Science Building Room 147
Refreshments at 3:50
Seminar from 4:00 - 5:00

Here is the presentation as a pdf.


Here is information about a presentation in January 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia. "Dark Energy" and "Dark Matter" in Friedmann Universes--Understanding modern puzzles with physics from the 1920's. This is the same subject that this CWU lecture will cover.

Drinking with a barmaid, remembering Niels Bohr and George Gamow.

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12 Haiku with Photographs from Chirchik There are hidden links in my head in the kitchen and in the flying swans in the last picture. It may be a challenge to understand President Lyndon Johnson's Texas accent in the first link. It is one of his secret White House recordings where he says "Course, if you start running from the communists, they may just chase you into your own kitchen." Our son Sasha is the boy in this link. Chirchik is in Uzbekistan.

Vera is a story about the adventures of a young woman Vera and her dog Shu. It was written by Bill Sumner and illustrated by Olya Solonnikova. Olya has a Master of Fine Arts from St. Petersburg Academy of Art, Russia. This pdf file is formatted specifically for the iPad (and viewed in iBooks) but works with any pdf viewer on any platform. This book was originally completed 20 years ago and has recently been reformated.

Free Falling Backwards describes how Bill Sumner came to understand that the universe is collapsing and will end in about 10 billion years. It doesn't use mathematics and describes a bit about life in Uzbekistan and Kittitas. This pdf file is formatted specifically for the iPad (and viewed in iBooks) but works with any pdf viewer on any platform.